Building Department

Starting January 1, 2017 the Village of Baltimore contracted with the Fairfield County Building Department to be the commercial building department for the Village of Baltimore.

Process for Obtaining a Building Permit

(a) The first step for a resident or business to begin building in the Village of Baltimore is to complete a Zoning Permit.

  • The Village of Baltimore has newly revised zoning rules and regulations, fee schedules and zoning permit forms. For information, please call the Village office at (740) 862-4491.

(b) The second step is to present the signed zoning permit to the Fairfield County Building Department.

The Fairfield County Building Department will work with you to complete all the permits and inspections necessary to complete your project.

(c) The last step is to receive an occupancy permit.  An occupancy permit is provided by the Fairfield County Building Department.

Click on the link below to go to the website for the Fairfield County Building Department or call (740) 652-7130:

List of Registered Contractors

The current list of registered contractors can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

  • List of Registered Contractors

Contractor Registration

  • Contractor Registration Information Sheet
  • Contractor Registration Application