Documents & Forms

Annual Financial Reports

PDF icon 2020 Annual Financial Report183.38 KB

Contractor Forms

PDF icon Contractor Registration Information Sheet180.98 KB
PDF icon Contractor Registration Application383.73 KB

Parks and Swimming Pool Forms

PDF icon Shelter House Rental Form323.79 KB
PDF icon Swimming Pool Membership Application Packet490.16 KB

Private Swimming Pools

PDF icon Annual Pool Fill Adjustment Form82.69 KB

Approved Legislation

2020 Ordinances

PDF icon 2020-44.pdf768.52 KB
PDF icon 2020-43.pdf70.55 KB
PDF icon 2020-42.pdf293.43 KB
PDF icon 2020-41.pdf74.38 KB
PDF icon 2020-40.pdf187.41 KB
PDF icon 2020-39.pdf247.09 KB
PDF icon 2020-38.pdf66.58 KB
PDF icon resolution-2020-37.pdf107.97 KB
PDF icon 2020-36.pdf106.08 KB
PDF icon 2020-35.pdf96.99 KB
PDF icon 2020-34.pdf118.84 KB
PDF icon ordinance-2020-33.pdf93.2 KB

Water and Sewer Rates

Consumer Confidence Report

File ccr_for_the_year_2021.docx1.89 MB