The Baltimore Community Museum and the Griley House are located adjacent to one another at 209 East Market Street.

Baltimore Community Museum

The Baltimore Area Community Museum began when Howard and Elsie Weldon, who were avid car enthusiasts with an significant collection of auto parts, license plates and cars, had an interest in starting a museum.

In 1976, Howard approached the Griley Memorial Library about locating a museum in the basement of the Griley home (209 East Market Street) that would detail the beginnings and growth of the Baltimore area. That would mark beginning of the Baltimore Area Community Museum.

Later, Howard Weldon and the Library Board began a fund to construct a new museum building adjacent to the Griley House. The museum was built and contains exhibits of a grocery store, living room and parlor, dentist office, and doctor’s office. The museum also contains displays of tools, school items and more.

In 1992-93, an addition was added to the museum building.


Griley House

Emma Griley donated her home to become the Baltimore Library. The library was located on the first floor of the house and the second floor became apartments.

Eventually, the house became too small for the library and a new library (the Baltimore Branch of the Fairfield County District Library) was built next door at 205 East Market Street.

The Griley House then became part of the Baltimore Community Museum.