Changes to Remote Meeting Access

Due to recent issues with persons joining our Village Council meetings via Zoom, with the purpose to disrupt the meetings, and since the Village Council Chamber is now open to the public during the meetings, the policy for Zoom access to Village Committee and Council meetings is being modified. Effective immediately, 

  • All meetings will continue to be live-streamed on the Village YouTube channel at:
  • All Zoom meeting id numbers and access codes will be changed and removed from the website;
  • Anyone wanting or needed to join a committee or council meeting via Zoom, instead of in-person, should contact the Village Office and request the Zoom meeting information, which will then be provided. 
  • Zoom meetings will use the waiting room feature for those joining remotely. 

We appreciate all the Village residents that have joined the meetings remotely over the past two years - you have been respectful and not abused this privilege. Unfortunately, publishing the meeting information permits those outside the village, state, or country, to also join our meetings and recently some have done so and disrupted our meetings. We appreicate your understanding and again, if you want to join remotely, please contact the office.