Village Awarded $613,000 Grant for Waterline Replacement

Today the Fairfield County Commissioners announced that the Village of Baltimore was awarded a $613,000 American Rescue Plan grant for the West Washington Steet Waterline Replacement Project. The total project cost is $713,000, with the Village having already budgeted $100,000 for this project and the grant for the remainder of the $613,000, this project will be completed without incurring any additional debt. This project will directly affect 53 residential customers and will indirectly affect several hundred more by increasing the water flow through that area and providing more reliable fire protection to Liberty-Union High School and to the area. This project is also part of the Village's plan to address the water issues in this area of the Village and will provide a vital loop to the west side of the Village's water distribution system.

The project consists of the following:

  • Installing a new 12-inch waterline along West Washington Street between Tower Street and West Market Street; and
  • The current 4-inch waterline between Tower Street and North Basil Street will be removed from service and all water lines will be moved to the new line.

This was a team project to prepare this grant application and everyone worked hard to prepare their portions of the grant application. In addition to the application, the Village Administrator and Water Operator attended several meetings and made several presentations about this project. 

More details about the project (e.g., timeline, etc.) will be posted when they are available. You can read the Commissioners' statement here: