Ordinances 2016

The term “Ordinance” refers to the type of legislative action by the Village Council that is of a general or permanent nature, creates a right, grants a franchise or involves the expenditure of money, the levying of a tax, or authorizes the purchase, lease, sale or transfer of property.

The term “Resolution” is used in connection with the action of the Village Council in passing legislation generally referred to as a declaration of intent or purpose, or the authorization of some temporary act or administrative procedure. A resolution may initiate, direct or carry out administrative duties and functions that are granted to the Council under statutory laws or municipal ordinances.

Resolution 1-25-2016-1

Resolution 1-25-2016-2

Ordinance 1-25-2016-3

Resolution 2-8-2016-1

Ordinance 3-28-2016-1

Ordinance 3-28-2016-3

Ordinance 4-11-2016-1

Ordinance 4-11-2016-2

Resolution 4-11-2016-3

Ordinance 4-11-2016-4

Resolution 4-25-2016-1

Resolution 4-25-2016-3

Ordinance 5-23-2016-2

Ordinance 6-13-2016-1

Ordinance 6-27-2016-3

Ordinance 7-11-2016-4

Resolution 7-11-2016-5

Ordinance 7-11-2016-7

Ordinance 7-25-2016-1

Ordinance 9-12-2016-1

Resolution 9-12-2016-2

Resolution 9-12-2016-4

Ordinance 9-12-2016-5

Ordinance 9-26-2016-1

Resolution 9-26-2016-2

Ordinance 10-10-2016-2

Ordinance 10-24-2016-2

Ordinance Ordinance 11-14-2016-2

Ordinance 11-14-2016-3

Resolution 11-28-2016-3

Resolution 11-28-2016-4