Ordinances 2021

The term “Ordinance” refers to the type of legislative action by the Village Council that is of a general or permanent nature, creates a right, grants a franchise or involves the expenditure of money, the levying of a tax, or authorizes the purchase, lease, sale or transfer of property.

The term “Resolution” is used in connection with the action of the Village Council in passing legislation generally referred to as a declaration of intent or purpose, or the authorization of some temporary act or administrative procedure. A resolution may initiate, direct or carry out administrative duties and functions that are granted to the Council under statutory laws or municipal ordinances.

Ordinance 2021-35

PDF icon 2021-01 Permanent Annual Approprotions for 2021251.46 KB
PDF icon 2021-02 Transfer Cruiser to Liberty Union-Thurston School District104.04 KB
PDF icon 2021-03 Amend Urban Chickens Code to include Ducks156.9 KB
PDF icon 2021-04 Parking During Heavy Snowfall216.26 KB
PDF icon 2021-05 Amend Snow Removal Policy128.5 KB
PDF icon 2021-06 Agreement With V3 Companies for Engineering Services - Park Drive150.29 KB
PDF icon 2021-07 Participation in ODOT Road Salt Contract203.35 KB
PDF icon 2021-08 Purchase Grinder Pump for Holder Road Improvements105.65 KB
PDF icon 2021-09 Purchase Ford F550 Service Truck294.74 KB
PDF icon 2021-10 Authorization to Contract with Park National Bank for Truck Loan 292.14 KB
PDF icon 2021-11 Special Use Agreement to Baltimore Festival Committee194.71 KB
PDF icon 2021-12 Amend Employee Manual145.78 KB
PDF icon 2021-13 Amend 2021 Budgeted Revenues and Appropriations79.86 KB
PDF icon 2021-14 Agreement with V3 Companies for Engineering Services for Road Resurfacing159.46 KB
PDF icon 2021-15 Thurston Police Protection277.47 KB
PDF icon 2021-16 Adopt 2022 Tax Budget1.23 MB
PDF icon 2021-17 Amend 2021 Appropriations70.99 KB
PDF icon 2021-18 Depositing Injurious material/litter on Highway168.71 KB
PDF icon 2021-19 Add Juneteenth as a holiday122.9 KB
PDF icon 2021-20 Accept terms of Opioid Settlement673.01 KB
PDF icon 2021-21 Editing and Inclusion of Certain Ordinances298.56 KB
PDF icon 2021-22 Authorize Necessary Tax Levies165.43 KB
PDF icon 2021-23 Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant707.07 KB
PDF icon 2021-24 Provide for Maximum Lot Coverages129.15 KB
PDF icon 2021-26 Contract with Americoat Asphalt & Concrete for Repaving499.36 KB
PDF icon 2021-27 Rescind 2014-32 Converting Canal St. to One-Way93.31 KB
PDF icon 2021-28 Contract with BK Layer for Waterline Improvement530.99 KB
PDF icon 2021-29 Apply for OPWC Capital Improvement Grant109.54 KB
PDF icon 2021-30 Apply for ODNR Urban Canopy Restoration Grant165.31 KB
PDF icon 2021-31 Adopt 2021-2022 Pay Plan215.34 KB
PDF icon 2021-32 Allow ODOT to Maintain Highways inside Village limits294.34 KB
PDF icon 2021-33 Moratorium on Construction of Ponds90.32 KB
PDF icon 2021-34 Permanent Annual Appropriations for 2022170.76 KB
PDF icon 2021-35 Amend 2021 Appropriations77.33 KB
PDF icon 2021-36 Amend 2021 Appropriations91.27 KB
PDF icon 2021-37 Amend Planning and Zoning Code fees98.07 KB