Ordinances 2022

The term “Ordinance” refers to the type of legislative action by the Village Council that is of a general or permanent nature, creates a right, grants a franchise or involves the expenditure of money, the levying of a tax, or authorizes the purchase, lease, sale or transfer of property.

The term “Resolution” is used in connection with the action of the Village Council in passing legislation generally referred to as a declaration of intent or purpose, or the authorization of some temporary act or administrative procedure. A resolution may initiate, direct or carry out administrative duties and functions that are granted to the Council under statutory laws or municipal ordinances.


PDF icon 2022-01 Swimming Pool Grant120.84 KB
PDF icon 2022-02 Purchase Service Truck162.11 KB
PDF icon 2022-03 Financing for Service Department Truck150.33 KB
PDF icon 2022-04 Consent to ODOT SR 158 repairs.pdf210.77 KB
PDF icon 2022-05 Strawser paving contract.pdf151.03 KB
PDF icon 2022-06 Rezone 17.476 Acres R2 to PUD.pdf93.58 KB
PDF icon 2022-07 Traffic Control Map No Parking Short St.pdf86.45 KB
PDF icon 2022-08 ODOT Salt Contract.pdf228.46 KB
PDF icon 2022-09 Solid Waste Management Plan.pdf92.74 KB
PDF icon 2022-10 Participate OneOhio Region 18.pdf226.31 KB
PDF icon 2022-11 CDBG Grant for E. Monroe Waterline.pdf161.73 KB
PDF icon 2022-12 Amend 2022 Appropriations Ordinance.pdf73.84 KB
PDF icon 2022-13 ODNR Grant for Alt Park Bleachers.pdf118.13 KB
PDF icon 2022-14 Adopt Urban Hunting Program.pdf138.96 KB
PDF icon 2022-15 Amend Rules of Council.pdf644.84 KB
PDF icon 2022-16 Traffic Control Map No Thru Trucks - Semitrailers.pdf100.46 KB
PDF icon 2022-17 Special Use Agreement Baltimore Festival.pdf195.33 KB
PDF icon 2022-18 Update Sidewalk and Driveway Approach Specifications.pdf351.68 KB
PDF icon 2022-19 Supplemental Moratorium Pond Construction.pdf93.87 KB
PDF icon 2022-20 Sanitary Sewer Requirements.pdf569.35 KB
PDF icon 2022-21 Contract Residential Bldg Dept.pdf314.56 KB
PDF icon 2022-22 SRO agreement.pdf243.9 KB
PDF icon 2022-23 Annexation 3.258 acres.pdf203.63 KB
PDF icon 2022-24 Amend 2022 Appropriations.pdf72.72 KB
PDF icon 2022-25 Advance Funds for Pool.pdf118.65 KB
PDF icon 2022-26 County Budget Commission.pdf344.16 KB
PDF icon 2022-27 V3 Granville & Water St Project.pdf734.71 KB
PDF icon 2022-28 Establish Park Users Group.pdf140.82 KB
PDF icon 2022-29_pleasantville_police_protection_contract.pdf292.23 KB
PDF icon 2022-30 Amend 2022 Appropriations.pdf72.63 KB
PDF icon 2022-31_prohibit_inflatable_rec_devices.pdf91.21 KB
PDF icon 2022-32_door_tag_fee.pdf89.39 KB
PDF icon 2022-33_winter_market_agreement.pdf177.22 KB
PDF icon 2022-34 High School SRO.pdf231.66 KB
PDF icon 2022-35 Elementary & Middle School SRO.pdf255.22 KB
PDF icon 2022-36_v3_agmnt_force_main.pdf365.4 KB
PDF icon 2022-37_cemetery_fees.pdf160.82 KB
PDF icon 2022-38_ODNR_grant.pdf597.19 KB
PDF icon 2022-39_approving_codification_of_ordinances.pdf276.3 KB
PDF icon 2022-40 OPWC Grant Application.pdf109.78 KB
PDF icon 2022-41 Authorizing Payment to United Rentals.pdf102 KB
PDF icon 2022-42_2023_permanent_appropriations.pdf896.63 KB
PDF icon 2022-43_re-appoint_solicitor.pdf112.29 KB
PDF icon 2022-44_haugn_annexation.pdf1.08 MB
PDF icon 2022-45_adopting_mitigation_plan.pdf113.22 KB
PDF icon 2022-46_odot_bridge_inspection_services.pdf302.97 KB
PDF icon 2022-47_2022_appropriations.pdf72.07 KB
PDF icon 2022-48_rumpke_contract.pdf193.16 KB